Payroll and Salary Administration

Payroll and Salary Administration

One stop solution for all the payrolling and salary administration work. We manage salaries, social premiums, taxes, reimbursements all at one place for your services.

All at One Place

We have a global payroll system, which allows all our clients to manage all the payroll and salary administration from anywhere around the globe, by just one click.

Why Jackson and Frank payroll and salary services

We provide end to end visibility of the process. You can access all the data anytime you want from any part of the world. We have a local team of accountants and legal personnel who are experts in the local law and manage all the process seamlessly.

Keep all the data together

Our data management system is created according to local and international GDPR rules. We also advice our clients about data storage of the candidates and sharing and distributing of data (for instance salary specifications) in a compliant way. 


International Licenses

Jackson and Frank has all the necessary accreditations and licenses in the countries in which we operate, like sponsorship and staffing licenses.


Our Happy Clients

“We have worked with Jackson and Frank for the past years. As we have grown and evolved, what I have valued most about our relationship is that the team of Jackson and Frank is very responsive and client orientated.”
John Daniels
Senior Partner

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