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Transforming international payroll into a strategic asset.

Jackson & Frank focuses on providing a wide range of Global HR solutions, including payroll management, EOR, visa services, PEO, insurance and tax advisory.


Our strength is delivering world class solutions that are innovative, well-structured and professional.

Upgrade to an AI-powered international platform for seamless integrations, compliance assurance, and embedded payments, freeing you to focus on core tasks. Check out these stats:

Efficiency Boost
Streamlined processes through AI automation.
Compliance Confidence
Assured adherence to international regulations.
Integrated Payments
Simplified financial transactions within the platform.
Time Saver
Reduced administrative burden allows focus on critical tasks.
Scalable Solution
Easily adapt to the evolving needs of your business.
Global Reach
Access new markets effortlessly with international capabilities.

Our team of experts offer custom
solutions to empower global growth

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Remote Workforce Solutions

Remote Workforce Solutions encompass strategies, technologies, and services designed to facilitate remote work arrangements. This includes communication tools, collaboration software, cybersecurity measures, and cloud-based solutions to enable employees to work efficiently from locations outside traditional office settings. Remote Workforce Solutions are crucial for maintaining productivity, fostering collaboration, and ensuring data security in distributed work environments.

  • Remote Work
  • Virtual Collaboration
  • Remote Team Management.
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Virtual Collaboration Tools

Virtual Collaboration Tools are software and platforms that help remote teams work together effectively. They include video calls, messaging apps, project management software, and file sharing platforms, making it easier for teams to communicate, share files, track tasks, and collaborate from different locations, boosting productivity in remote work setups.

  • Virtual Collaboration
  • Communication Tools
  • Video Conferencing
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Enhance teamwork and communication among remote teams through digital platforms and tools, facilitating seamless collaboration regardless of geographical barriers.

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Empower employees to maintain high productivity levels from any location by providing access to resources, support, and streamlined processes optimized for remote work environments.

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Utilize data-driven insights and performance metrics to assess and optimize individual and team productivity, ensuring continuous improvement and alignment with organizational goals.

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Global Market Entry Strategies

Global Market Entry Strategies are approaches adopted by companies to enter and expand into international markets. These strategies may include exporting, licensing, franchising, joint ventures, acquisitions, or establishing wholly-owned subsidiaries.

  • Global Market Entry
  • International Expansion
  • Market Research
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Market Expansion Analytics:

Market Expansion Analytics involves the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data to support decision-making in market expansion efforts. This includes assessing market trends, consumer behavior, competitive landscapes, and performance metrics to identify growth opportunities and optimize market entry strategies.

  • Market Expansion Analytics
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Performance Metrics
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Market Expansion Solutions

This includes market research to identify opportunities, localization efforts to adapt products or services, expansion of distribution channels, partnerships with local businesses, and targeted marketing campaigns. Market Expansion Solutions are essential for diversifying revenue streams, reducing reliance on existing markets, and tapping into emerging opportunities for growth.

Global Mobility

Global Market Reach

Expand your business's presence to international markets by leveraging strategies and initiatives that transcend geographical boundaries, enabling access to a broader customer base worldwide.

Global Privacy management

Localized Approaches 

Tailor your business strategies and operations to the unique cultural, linguistic, and regulatory aspects of specific regions or markets, ensuring relevance and resonance with local audiences.

Emergency response

Growth Opportunities 

Identify and capitalize on potential avenues for expansion and development within existing or new markets, driving sustainable business growth and market share acquisition.

"Opinions Of Our Clients"

"Jackson and Frank's client-focused approach and responsiveness have been vital to our growth. Their dedication and understanding make them a trusted partner."

- John D.

"User Jackson and Frank's responsiveness and client-oriented approach have been crucial to our business's growth. Their dedication to understanding our needs sets them apart as a trusted partner."

- Willem P.

"Jackson and Frank's dedication and client-centric approach have been essential to our growth. Their responsiveness and reliability make them a trusted partner."

- Maggie Y.

Why Jackson And Frank

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An improved team morale.

We offer an extensive range of payment methods, including the Jackson and Frank Card, along with comprehensive health insurance coverage and automated invoicing systems, demonstrating our commitment to exceeding expectations for contractors.

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Cutting-edge compliance measures.

Each contractor is equipped with the necessary documentation from the outset, ensuring seamless readiness for work from the very beginning. From Data Processing Agreements (DPAs) to equipment provisions, every aspect is meticulously addressed.

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Optimal value proposition.

For a single, affordable monthly fee, devoid of setup charges or obligatory minimum deposits, our pricing structure is transparent and straightforward. What you see is precisely what you pay, sans any unexpected expenses. Additionally, our cancellation policy allows for termination at any time.

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Rapid implementation process.

Effortlessly onboard your team using a single online dashboard, enabling quick creation, sending, and electronic signing of contracts within minutes.

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Unparalleled global reach and coverage.

With presence in over 150 countries worldwide, our platform grants you unrestricted access to hire talent from any location of your choice.

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A substantial customer base.

Our platform boasts over 100,000 contractors who utilize our services for work and payment processing, setting us apart as an unparalleled industry leader in this regard.

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